Company Certificate
Name Country Start Number Certificate status
Aceitera Chabás S.A.I.C. Argentina 2016-08-18 RTRS-CUC-COC-BFLS-0003 Active
Aceitera General Deheza S.A. Argentina 2016-10-04 RTRS -CUC-COC-BFLS-0002 Active
Adani Wilmar Ltd. India 2017-12-19 RTRS-CUC-COC-0015 Discontinued
Amaggi Commodities EU RED Brazil 2012-11-28 RTRS-CERTID-COC-BFLS-0011 Active
CARGILL Inc. Brazil 2015-02-27 RTRS-CUC-COC-0011 Active
Cataratas do Iguaçu Produtos Orgânicos Ltda - Gebana Brasil Brazil 2019-12-23 RTRS-CUC-COC-NGMO-0018 Active
Cereal Docks Marghera SRL Italy 2019-10-11 RTRS-FCID-COC-0015 Active
Cereal Docks Spa Italy 2019-10-11 RTRS-FCID-COC-0014 Active
Dilumix Brazil 2017-11-22 RTRS-CERTID-COC-0008 Discontinued
Kumagro S. A. Argentina 2019-10-18 RTRS-BV-CoC-0001 Active
LDC Brazil - Units Brazil 2020-01-27 RTR-FCID-COC-0018 Active
Mibamar SA Uruguay 2019-11-07 RTRS-BV-CoC-0005 Active
Molinos Agro S.A. Argentina 2017-02-14 RTRS-CUC-COC-BFLS-0001 Active
Royal Canin do Brasil Brazil 2018-04-04 RTRS-CERTID-COC-0013 Active
SAAG Sociedade de Armazenamento e Agricultura Ltda. Brazil 2015-06-19 RTRS-CUC-COC-0012 Active
Shell Western Supply and Trading Limited Barbados 2012-06-08 RTRS-CUC-COC-BFLS-0006 Not active
Sodrugestvo Turkey Tarim TAS. ITH. IHR. TIC. A.S. Turkey 2019-11-27 RTRS-CUC-COC-0018 Active
T6 Industrial S.A. Argentina 2011-08-18 RTRS-CUC-COC-BFLS-0004 Active
Teamfoods Colombia S.A Colombia 2016-11-11 RTRS-CUC-COC-0014 Discontinued
Tecnocampo Argentina 2019-03-21 RTRS-SGS-COC-003 Active
Thai Vegetable Oil PLC (TV01) Thailand 2018-12-07 RTRS-SGS-COC/ 0002 Active
Thai Vegetable Oil PLC (TV03) Thailand 2018-12-07 RTRS-SGS-COC/ 0002 Active
Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co. Ltd. Thailand 2018-12-07 RTRS-SGS-COC/ 0001 Active
The Delong Co. Inc United States 2015-11-30 RTRS-SCHU-CoC-0004 Active
Unilever Brasil Industrial LTDA Brazil 2018-05-29 RTRS-CUC-COC-0017 Active
Unilever de Argentina S.A. Argentina 2018-06-01 RTRS-CUC-COC-0016 Suspended
Vegetallis Indústria e Comércio Brazil 2020-01-17 RTRS-FCID-COC-0019 Active
Vippy Industries India 2016-11-08 RTRS-CUC-COC-0013 Discontinued